Choosing an obstetrician is making the choice for a premium service that gives you a sense of assurance that you and your baby will be expertly cared for during pregnancy and labour.

To us, each one of our patients is unique, and so is the individual care each patient receives.

Services we offer PREGNANCY OR BIRTH

  • Preconception Counselling
  • Infertility Assessment and Ovulation induction
  • Antenatal care (all risk)
  • VBAC
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Breech deliveries
  • Waterbirth
  • Collaboration with private midwives
  • Caesarean Section
  • Postnatal care

Your unique pregnancy journey

Dr Marisa Martin and Dr Reena Mohan at Specialist Services for Women are your experienced obstetricians, who offer a personalised model of care with a wide range of clinical services, so you have more options to ensure your experience is right for you.

More options

Where antenatal risk is minimal and women prefer alternative healthcare options, we offer options like collaboration with private midwives and waterbirths.

Our pregnancy care offers all our mums the full range of obstetric services, from the early challenges of getting pregnant, with fertility and ovulation advice, through to post-natal care. We can manage your unique health requirements with your wishes clearly considered.

A comprehensive range of birthing options

Dr Marisa Martin and Dr Reena Mohan provide a safe and calm, private birthing experience.

Our services guide mums through all their labour choices. This includes consulting with women who have previously given birth via caesarean section about vaginal deliveries (VBAC). We work with mums delivering multiple babies at once, as well as oversee breech deliveries and caesarean sections.

More available for you

We understand you may need us for reassurance and guidance at other times, not just during our scheduled appointments. That’s why our doctors give all our patients our private mobile numbers to answer your concerns or questions when you need.

First class expertise

We are committed to ensure your experience with us is benchmarked against the most current clinical research and first-class obstetric practice, so you know you and your baby are in the safest hands.

Reassurance from caring practitioners

We combine the best medical expertise, with a calm and compassionate manner that ensures you feel respected, comfortable and well looked after. Our doctors do not use a cookie-cutter template that tries to fit your health concerns in a box. You are consulted with and listened to at every stage of your pregnancy journey and are involved throughout the decision-making process.